How do you cope with your shadow functions? do you?

„The shadow functions can be experienced both in a negative or positive way, so it’s vital to remember that they aren’t always bad. It’s also important to be aware of them when you feel tempted to make projections about others (when you start seeing people as oppositional, critical, sly, deceptive, or evil). Understanding the shadow functions can help all of us to have better relationships with ourselves and with others.” from psychology junkie. Can you control whether or not? I sometimes notice my weaknesses in others and then I try to catch myself the next time, but sometimes when I encounter some discussion where I don’t see human interaction…/I see repeating the same over and over again, I get bored and just enter. What it’s written about the past, I’m naturally sensitive to these topics, I hate when someone talking about my mistakes and try to judge these, despite the fact, that I have this awareness and I’m a completely different person already very long time.

Original post here [++] Touch here for the full post on INTJ tumblr

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